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Auto Rotor commutator CNC cutting turning Lathe Machine

Model number:ND-WGK-2XD

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  • Specification
  • Universal motor rotor commutator CNC cutting turning Lathe Machine 

    This Precision turning lathe machine can be used to turning the electric motor rotor commutator surface. The cutting turning process can be programed  with the touch screen.

    (1) Application

    This rotor commutator turning lathe machine is suitable for universal motor and DC motor, home appliance motor, automobile car motor, and power tooling motor.

    (2) Machine Function and characteristic

    Blade support with hundreds meter, easy for observing and controlling the cutting degree of blade feeding

    Main engine rotary velocity is of non-step regulation, the blade feeding speed is same

    Hi-pressure oil-spray lubricate the V shape seat and rotor shaft, the oil-spray time is of exterior adjustable

    Mechanical, electrical interlock. The warning reminder of sensor position and other

    Auto, inching two working status, easy for adjustment

    (3) Technical parameter:

    Product name: Electric motor rotor commutator turning lathe machine
    Rotor O.D:20~100mm
    Outer diameter of commutator:7-60mm
    Rotor shaft diameter range:30~250mm
    Surface roughness:Ra0.40um
    Shaft length:50~350mm
    Workpiece shaft diameter: 3-16mm
    Linear speed of cutting knife : 50-480m/min
    Cutting amount per cut: 0.02-0.2mm
    Concentricity ≤0.005mm
    Maximum cutting length 50mm
    Max cutting volume;≤0.5mm
    Control method: Programmable controller
    Power voltage:220V ±5% 50HZ
    Air source pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
    Liner velocity:0-400m/min (stepless regulation)
    Main engine power: 750W
    Dimensions 930×630×900 (length×width×height)
    Weight 250kg

    (4) Picture show:

    commutator turning Lathe Machine .jpg

    turning Lathe Machine .jpg

    rotor commutator turning Lathe Machine .jpg

    armature commutator turning Lathe Machine .jpg

    commutator turning Machine .jpg

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