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Fully auto BLDC Brushless motor stator production line

Model number:ND-BDZX
Introduction:This production line is suitable for brushless motor stator production.

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  • Specification

  • I.Function and features:

    This production line is suitable for brushless motor stator production.
    It consists of paper inserting machine, end insulation board inserting machine, needle winding machine, stator tester, tracing system and belt conveyor. Operator fill material, each process is completed automatically, automatically transfer the stator to next process. The processing parameter can be set and saved on HMI, and can be called out at any time. It features High intelligent, high automation, high efficiency and low noise.

    The machine has remote diagnosis function.


    II.Technical specification:

    Stator OD: 50-150mm

    Stator ID: 30-90mm

    Stack length: 20-60mm

    Winding speed: Max. 1000RPM

    Wire diameter: 0.25-1.1mm

    Voltage: 220V±10%, AC (50Hz/60Hz)/ 380V±10%, AC (50Hz/60Hz)

    Working pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

    Winding method: needle winding

    III.BLDC motor stator machine introduction

    1. The brushless motor stator insulation paper inserting machine

      It adopts mechanical driven system, servo system and pneumatic system. As a result, the machine can automatically do positioning, pressing, paper feeding, paper forming, paper pushing. The paper edge can be auto chamfered so as to solve the winding problem caused by paper, and improve the percent of pass of stator. This machine is easy to operate, of high automation, and suitable for series motor, BLDC motor and stepping motor stator. 

    2. BLDC insulation board end palte pressing machine

      a. Double palm start buttons, operation panel is at the front side of the machine;it is very easy to operate

      b. Adapts emergency button, once it has emergency situation, press down this button, machine will stop working immediately, it enhance the safety and reliability;

      c. Material conveyor and machine height can be adjusted;In the material conveyor with a cylinder to prevent NG parts into the next process;

      d. Add 2 insulation panels to the left and right of the machine.

      e. Manual loading, automatic unloading, can be connected to automatic lines.

      f. Piston cylinder pressing down stroke is adjustable, helpful for protecting the end plate from bearing too much pressure;

      g. There is guiding device, during pressing, there is no axis direction rotation; 

      h. There is filter pressure reducing valve, pressure is adjustable.

    3. BLDC motor stator needle winding machine 

      This needle winding machine is suitable for winding BLDC stator. It equips with servo system. It can automatically intert wire end, winding, arraying, indexing, cutting, demolding. This needle winder is designed with two working station. Machine movement is pre-set in the touch screen. All the winding data can be shown on the touch screen during machine running. During running, machine will alarm if something goes wrong. 

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    The BLDC stator manufacturing production line youtube video

    About Motor stator manufacturing

    Motor stator manufacturing production assembly line including paper inserting machine, coil winding machine, coil winding inserting machine, lacing machine, forming machine and testing machine.NIDE can supply and manufacture about then ,and all the process will be done by machine automatically. Operator only needs to do loading and unloading. 

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    Nide is to provide different kinds of motor manufacturing machinery, including stand along machine, fully-auto complete line for armature and stator production, and the motor assembly line.We can supply the full range of motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, carbon brush, insulation paper, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc.We also provide technical support and consulting, project support and turn-key service for some motor manufacturing.

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