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New energy vehicle brushless hub motor technolgy

Release time:2020/06/17

Now New energy vehicles have become a hot field in the automotive industry. As a driving technology for new energy vehicles, wheel Hub motor technology has great development prospects. Wheel Hub motors are considered by some people as the best solution for new energy vehicle drive systems. The biggest feature is to integrate the driving, transmission and braking devices into the hub, omitting the transmission components such as clutch, transmission, transmission shaft, differential, transfer case and so on.

The applications of wheel hub motors are very wide, such as electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric balance vehicles, electric scooter, new energy vehicles, etc. 

New energy vehicle wheel hub motor winding machine.jpg

And it has the following advantages:

First, low energy consumption and high efficiency . Because the hub motor eliminates the clutch, transmission and other devices, the transmission efficiency is greatly improved. As far as the current development trend is concerned, new energy vehicles are mainly driven by electricity, and the hub motor can be used as the main driving force; for hybrid models, the hub motor can also serve as a supplementary power for starting and rapid acceleration, which can be reduced by 30%. Fuel consumption, at the same time, can achieve 80% braking energy recovery, improve the cruising range of the car.

Second, it is integrated and lightweight. The wheel hub motor integrates power, transmission and braking into the wheel hub. The chassis structure is greatly simplified to save space in the car, improve the space utilization rate of the car, and reduce its own weight by 30%.

Third, the drive is flexible. The in-wheel motor directly drives the wheels, and the MCU can control the wheel speed and torque with high precision without complicated operation instructions to meet the driving needs under different working conditions.

New energy vehicle brushless hub motormanufacturing.jpg 

NIDE company specializes in wheel hub motor manufacturing assembly lines, including wheel hub stator paper inserting machine, hub stator slot cover paper inserting machine, hub winding machine, hub motor assembly line, etc.

New energy vehicle brushless hub motor paper inserting machine.jpg

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