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EV motor stator production line for New Energy motor manufacturing

Model number:ND-DZX7
Introduction:This stator production line is suitable for the new energy motors manufacturing,

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  • New Energy EV motor stator production line


    This stator production line is suitable for the new energy motors manufacturing, and is mainly used in the automotive field, such as pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, electric buses and so on.The stator production line is highly automated, reducing labor costs and greatly improving production efficiency


    1. Conveyor and fixture plate for New evergy EV motor stator production line


    Stator production line Dimension: 13.65m X 4m

    Plate is transported to the loading station, lifting mechanism push it to the pre-position, convenient for robot pick up

    It's sectional structure, can be fast assembled and disassembled, and can disperse the force from the weight

    There is anti-reversing device at the plate position(proximity switch control, anti-reverse and anti-forward),running stable, noise<75dB

    There is lead wire fixing slot on the fixture plate, effectively fix the lead wire, won’t stop the other process

    Conveyor speed<20m/min, adjustable

    new energy EV motor stator production line.jpg

    New energy EV motor stator production line.jpg

    2.The New evergy EV motor stator production line is equipped with intelligent robots

    Features: intelligent robots

    Machine features:

    Robot transfer the material between machine and conveyor

    Loading range is decided as per stator weight

    Robot cable: adapts build-in method

    Adapts intelligent robot

    Equip with demonstrator

    Repeatability positioning accuracy: 0.05mm

    EV motor stator production line.jpg 

    Main model introduction

    1. New evergy EV motor stator Slot Paper inserting

    Description: it consists of paper support, paper feeding mechanism, indexing mechanism, paper cutting mechanism, paper pushing mechanism, etc.

    Function: fold two sides of the paper, form, cut and push into stator slot; can insert paper for different shape slot on one machine.

    2.New evergy EV motor statorCoil winding and inserting machine


    Winding mold rotate, mechanical arm lay wire, can do multi-strands wire parallel winding, no-loading speed of the spindle is 120r/min, winding speed is decided as per parallel winding wire No. and wire diameter;

    On the HMI, the winding speed, mold sinking speed, wire hooking arm moving speed, wedge making speed, turn-table rotation speed, coil push-up height and stopping time, the open distance of the winding mold and wire push-up height adapts servo control. Chang-over time: 80mins

     EV motor manufacturing line.jpg

    3. New evergy EV motor stator Coil expansion machine(four stations)


    The mold is modularization design, achieve model fast change-over, technology is mutual, production process is advanced, quality is reliable, easy and convenient operation.Up mold, bottom mold and protection teeth disc is fast change-over type, up mold, bottom mold and coil height forming is servo control, to ensure the stack length change-over fast and coil height adjustment.


    4.New evergy EV motor stator coil Lacing machine


    With in-out sliding table, automatically loading/unloading, automatically knotting.Servo and pneumatic driven, fast change-over

    The lacing needle following angle can be set on HMI, rotation angle of each slot needle rod can be set individually, it’s the most reliable, advanced lacing machine currently.


    5. New evergy EV motor stator tester


    Interation structure, simple operation station

    Especially designed for fully automatic line, easy operation software

    Testing item can be set, to improve testing efficiency

    Openness software

    Optimized cost efficiency ratio

    Suport function customization

    Support integration with production management system

    EV motor production line.jpg

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