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Vacuum cleaner motor carbon brush holder 6.3*11*45mm

Model number:NDPJ-TS-86

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  • Vacuum cleaner motor carbon brush holder 6.3*11*45mm

    NIDE is specializing in the production of electric brushes, carbon brushes, copper brushes, carbon brush holders. Mainly used for vacuum cleaner carbon brushes, washing machine carbon brushes, industrial carbon brushes, power tool carbon brushes, automobile brush holders, copper carbon brushes, and motorcycle carbon brushes.

    We can provide a variety of carbon brush development, design, customized production, please contact us if you need it.

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    We have a wide range of carbon brush. Our carbon brush has a wide application, such as automotive industry, household appliances, hammers, planers and etc. We directly supply our carbon brushes to many countries. We could customize carbon brush for our customer.

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    About Motor component and  accessories

    NIDE can supply the full range of electric motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, thermal protector, carbon brush, insulation paper, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc.

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