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Customized vacuum cleaner motor spring carbon brush 4*10*18mm

Model number:NDPJ-TS-83

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  • Customized vacuum cleaner motor spring carbon brush 4*10*18mm

    This spring carbon brush is made of refined graphite, which has good self-lubricating performance and a longer service life. It can also reduce sparks when the carbon brush is working. It is suitable for vacuum cleaner motor, including two carbon brush bodies. Each carbon brush body has a copper wire. The two copper wires are combined into a copper wire through a bundle tube. The end of the copper wire is welded to the copper sheet, and the copper sheet is opened. There are mounting holes, and the copper wire is covered with an insulating protective cover. This carbon brush structure ensures that the copper wire and the carbon brush body are not easily broken, and the anti-drop sleeve prevents the copper wire from falling off the carbon brush body, so that the service life of the carbon brush is longer.

    Product information

    Product name: Vacuum cleaner motor spring carbon brush 
    Commodity name: Motor Carbon brush
    Product size: 4*10*18mm/4*5*20mm/4*8*20mm/4*6*13mm, can be customized
    Commodity color: black
    Material composition:carbide, silver and copper
    Scope of application:universal motor

    Picture show:

    vacuum cleaner motor carbon brush.jpgvacuum cleaner motor spring carbon brush.jpg

    vacuum cleaner carbon brush.jpg

    motor carbon brush.jpg

    DC motor carbon brush.jpg

    Our carbon brushes have good electrical conductivity, heat conduction and lubrication performance, and have a certain mechanical strength and the instinct of commutation sparks. They have good commutation performance and long service life. They are important components of the motor. Suitable for all kinds of motors, generators, axle machines, universal motor, AC and DC generators, synchronous motors, battery DC motors, crane motor collector rings, various types of electric welding machines, etc.

    We have a wide range of carbon brush. Our carbon brush has a wide application, such as automotive industry, household appliances, hammers, planers and etc. We directly supply our carbon brushes to many countries. We could customize carbon brush for our customer.

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    NIDE can supply the full range of electric motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, thermal protector, carbon brush, insulation paper, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc.

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