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Armature Insulation Paper Inserting Machine

Model number: ND-LSI-2
Introduction:This armature paper inserting machine is used to insert the insulation paper into armature slot before armature doing coil winding. Paper maternal and dimension can be as per customer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s requirement. We also supply customzied service.

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  • Specification
  • This armature paper inserting machine is used to insert the insulation paper into armature slot before armature doing coil winding. Paper maternal and dimension can be as per customer's requirement. We also supply customzied service. 

    (1) Machine function and characteristic

    It is of high reliability to be under the control of PLC.

    The electromechanical linkage device and the faults detection system is mounted.

    Pneumatic work piece clamping. The English operation system is available.

    it is easy to change the tooling.

    the machine body is light and elaborating.

    If only the rotor to be processed is placed on the feeding track, the machine will finish the work such as the rotor lifting, clamping, shaping of the insulating paper, cutting and inserting automatically.

    (2) Main technical data :

    • Armature O.D20~60mm

    • Shaft lengthMax 250mm

    • Shaft O.D 3~17mm

    • Commutator O.D12~40mm

    • Slot number8~24 slots

    • Thickness of insulation paper0.1mm~0.5mm

    • Length of insulation paper10~70mm

    • Type of insulation paper materialDMD, DM, Polyester film

    • Efficiency0.5S~0.8S/slot

    • Air source4~6Kg/cm2

    • Rated power1.5KW

    • VoltageAC220V, 50/60Hz

    • WeightAbout 400Kg

    • Dimension910mm x 880 x 1300mm

    (3) Application

    This is suitable for home appliance, car motor, and power tooling motor armature.

    The working station. THis shows the paper inserting process. 


    Armature Insulation Paper Inserting Machine video

    Besides paper inserting machine, we also supply different types of insulation materials for stator or armatures, such as insulation paper and wedge with different class degree. DMD Class B/F, DM Class B/F, Polyester film Class E, Red Vulcanized Fiber Class A, NH& NHN, etc

    electric-insulation material motor winding insulation paper

    About Motor armature manufacturing

    Motor armature / rotor manufacturing production assembly line including: shaft pressing machine, end cover pressing machine, commutator pressing machine, armature insulation paper inserting machine, armature winding machine, commutator hot stacking machine, armature wedge inserting machine and armature testing machine, ball bearing inserting machine, and worm shaft inserting, NIDE can supply and manufacture about then ,and all the process will be done by machine automatically. Operator only needs to do loading and unloading. 

    motor armature rotor manufacturing

    About NIDE

    Nide is to provide different kinds of motor manufacturing machinery, including stand along machine, fully-auto complete line for armature and stator production, and the motor assembly line.We can supply the full range of motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, carbon brush, insulation paper, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc.We also provide technical support and consulting, project support and turn-key service for some motor manufacturing.

    motor manufacturing machine

    Our machine's application

    Our machines are mainly applied to induction motors, BLDC motor, universal motor, three phase motor, single phase motor, AC motor, DC motor, such as washing machine motor, air conditioner motor, pump motor, cooler motor, alternator motor, fan motor, ceiling fan motor, compressor motor, power tool motor, vacuum cleaner motor, mixer motor,  series motor, electrical car motor, wheel hub motor, electric toothbrush motor, hair dryer motor, electric shaver motor,etc.

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