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BLDC stator and armature needle winding machines recommendation

Release time:2018/11/30

Ningbo Nide Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.  can provide a variety of brushless motor stator winding machine, in which the needle winding machine adopts the mature needle winding technology, which can be used to wrap the brushless stator and the outer brushless outer rotor. Brush motor, fan motor, bladeless fan motor, stepper motor, servo motor and other types of DC brushless motor stator winding.


1. Double stations BDLC stator winding machine with inner needle winding technology

The double stations motor stator coil winding machine is used for the BLDC motor manufacturing,

 adopts a double-station design for multi-pole stator coil winding. 

Each action cycle will wind 2 stators at the same time, only manual loading is required,

 the coil winding machine automatically clamps the mold, 

which reduces the labor intensity and greatly improves the production efficiency.

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2. Double stations BDLC armature winding machine with outer needle winding technology

This motor rotor winding machine is designed for the Blower motor BLDC armature rotor coil winding. 

The automatic rotor winder adopts needle winding method. 

Each action cycle will wind 2 BLDC rotors at the same time, greatly improved production efficiency. 

And the motor needle winder equipped with the servo control system, able to diagnose the fault, count the output etc. 

The other function such as auto winding; multi-diameter wires winding, auto indexing, 

auto skip slot and winding speed could be programmed, easy for operation and maintenance.

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