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Comparison of automatic winding machine and semi-automatic winding machine

Release time:2018/08/10

The automatic winding machine is a new type of machine that has been developed in recent years. In order to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high output, the fully automatic models generally adopt multi-head linkage design. Most domestic manufacturers refer to Taiwan and other places. The design of the imported model adopts the programmable controller as the control core of the equipment, and cooperates with the robot, pneumatic control components and execution accessories to complete the functions of automatic cable arranging, automatic tangling, automatic thread trimming, automatic loading and unloading of the skeleton, etc. The production efficiency of the type is extremely high, which greatly reduces the dependence on labor. An operator can look after several such equipment at the same time, and the production quality is relatively stable, which is very suitable for processing occasions with high output requirements. However, this model integrates many new technologies such as numerical control, pneumatics and light control, so the price is as low as tens of thousands of yuan and more than 100,000 yuan. The price also makes many users sigh, and because of functional requirements The parts of the equipment use a large number of non-standard parts and custom parts, so in the event of a fault, the relative maintenance process will be complicated and the cycle will be longer. Its advanced nature and high output still attract customers.

Semi-automatic winding machine is the most widely used model, also known as CNC automatic winding machine. It can automatically wire, and different mechanical structures can complete different winding requirements. It is efficient, easy to maintain, cost-effective, etc. Advantages, domestic manufacturers generally use CNC controllers, and some manufacturers use self-developed controllers as the control core. CNC models are already a very mature model, and many manufacturers have made innovations in functions and uses. Upgrade, the series of products used has been continuously extended, as the most widely used model on the market, the price of this model is much lower than the price of tens of thousands of automatic winding maneuvers, depending on the application. The price of thousands to tens of thousands, the shortcoming of this model is that one must be equipped with an operator. At present, the application of this model can be seen in some occasions such as ballast and induction coil production.

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