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How to select sator lacing machine

Release time:2016/11/01

Stator lacing machine is used to lace stator coils after forming process. We supply various kinds of lacing machines. Normally, it can be classified into four types. 

Single side lacing machine 

This machine is suitable for multi-size, low production motors.Machine laces one side of stator firstly, then operator manually turn motor over to lace the other side. 

winding lacing machine 1.jpg

Double side lacing machine

This machine can lace the two sides of stator coils automatically. All the parameter can be set on the touch screen. 

lacing machine for coil 1.jpg

Horizontal type lacing machine

This lacing machine adopts a horizontal structure, easy to load motors. It is suitable for big and heavy stators. 

winding lacing machine.jpg

Four station lacing machine

This lacing machine has four working station. Due to its high efficiency, it is suitable for mass production. 

stator lacing machine 1.jpg

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