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How to choose stator coil inserting machine

Release time:2016/09/30

There are several type of coil inserting machines, automatic type, semi-auto type and horizontal type. It might be confusing for customer to choose the correct machine.

Normally we recommed fully automatic type coil inserting machine for stators with a high production, It can automatically insert coil and wedge into stator slots, so as to save labor force and time. 

stator coil insertion machine-1.jpg

For stators with many model numbers and low volume requirement, we suggest to use semi-auto type coil insertion machine. Due to the different sizes motors, the tooling change will be a problem and cost lost time. Semi-auto type coil insertion machine can solve this problem efficiently. And it only takes 5~8 min to change tooling, about 1/4 time of the time for automatic type one. 

coil inserter.jpg

For big and heavy size stators, the horizontal type stator winding inserting machine will be a best choose. There is a special  bracket for loading and unloading stators, which is easy for operator during production. 

coil insertion machine-1.jpg

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