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How to select sator coil winding machine

Release time:2016/12/08

We produce various types of stator coil winding machines. Different winding machine is suitable for different stators. During selecting, it is important to pay attention to the stator parameter and technical requirement.

For mass production, we suggest to use eight working station type stator coil winding machine. This machine has four winding heads and eight operation stations. High efficiency is its feature. The machine automatically put the coil into transfer former orderly, especially suitable for high production capacity requirement, high slot filling rate, small slot opening stator coil winding.

coil winder 8.jpg

For low cost requirement, we suggest RX1-160 type coil winding machine. It can altogether wind 1-4 coils at the same time. Tooling change is very fast and convenient.


For big and heavy stators, we suggest big stator coil winding machine. Big Stator Coil Winding Machine could produce different dimension coils which are for same series size stator by adjusting the tooling, and tension is adjustable.

big coil winding machine.jpg

For 2 poles stators, we suggest to use ND-SW-2 stator winding machine. This type of stator winding machine can automatically wind the coils into stator slot. Machine can do loading and unloading automatically.

stator winding machine.jpg

For wheel motor and electric bike motor, we suggest motor winding machine. This type of winding machine has two working station. The winding process is done by machine automatically.

wheel motor winding machine1.jpg

For BLDC motor stator, we suggest to use needle winding machine.It equips with servo system. It can automatically intert wire end, winding, arraying, indexing, cutting, demolding. 

needle winding machine.jpg

For fan motor, we suggest to use fan winding machine, it is suitable for ceiling fan, table fan and other external rotors.

fan winding machine.jpg

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